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You must present the receipts an original, photocopy, fax copy, or copy of an internet confirmation screen is acceptable when you obtain license plates. You will need a receipt from the previous year if the registration you are renewing was a one-year registration, or receipts from the previous two years if the registration you are renewing was a two-year registration. If you have lost your receipt s , please contact your county collector or the city of St. Louis collector of revenue.

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Visit the State Tax Commission for a list of assessors. Residents of some counties may have access to their paid property tax records at local license offices. Check our online listing of counties who participate in this program. If you did not owe personal property taxes in Missouri during the last year or two years, for a two-year registration , you will need a Statement of Non-Assessment from your county or city of St.

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Louis assessor stating that you did not owe personal property tax for that time period. The statement must be in one of the owner's name.

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Note: If the vehicle owner is a corporation or company , the receipt must be in the corporation or company name. If you are registering a leased motor vehicle or trailer , the receipt must be in the name of the leasing company. Every motor vehicle owner MUST present a current insurance identification card original, copy, or electronic if legible , or other proof of financial responsibility and sign an affidavit certifying that the owner or the authorized agent has and will maintain financial responsibility during the registration period.

NOTE: The owner or authorized agent MUST sign the self-certification of financial responsibility on the application to satisfy the requirement for an affidavit, unless the application is for a trailer. For newly-acquired vehicles , the following is also acceptable as proof of proof of financial responsibility:. All motor vehicles, except those vehicles listed below, must have the mileage disclosed on the certificate of title at the time the ownership of the vehicle is transferred to a new owner.

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All trailers and all-terrain vehicles are exempt from mileage disclosure requirements. Exceptions are:. If the certificate of title does not contain space for the proper odometer information or the printed name s and signature s of the buyers and sellers, the certificate of title must be accompanied by a completed Odometer Disclosure Statement Form or other acceptable form issued by the seller.

NOTE: If the true mileage of the motor vehicle is unknown, or the mileage shown on the odometer is not the actual number of miles traveled or if the odometer has been repaired or replaced and is incapable of registering the same mileage as it did previously, the seller or owner must provide a statement explaining the discrepancy. The title may be branded according to the mileage statement.

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If the ownership of a motor vehicle is transferred to the purchaser on a title issued by another state or country , the motor vehicle must be inspected to verify the vehicle identification number and odometer reading of the vehicle. Without it, you would struggle to make it to work on time, get the kids to school, and run all of your errands. We feel the same way at Firestone Complete Auto Care.

We couldn't live without our cars either! That's why we do free courtesy checks in Bridgeton whenever you come to visit. Note repairs not included and extra.

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  6. What can you expect during an inspection? Well, a trained technician will visually examine your wipers, battery, hoses, air filter, lights, fluid levels, and tires to give you an idea of any small issues that may be arising. Routine inspections can be one great way to avoid costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. Need a more in-depth evaluation of your car's health? Then you need to make an appointment for a complete a vehicle inspection in Bridgeton at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care.

    An experienced technician will check everything that's included in our courtesy check-up, but also your vehicle's exhaust, brake, and suspension system to make sure things are within manufacturer specifications. Complete vehicle inspections offer the most thorough assessment of your car's health. Spongy brakes or weird tires noises, you always want to start with an auto inspection. Stop by your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care at the first leak, smell, noise, or light! Low tire pressure or new dashboard lights, start with an auto inspection.

    Stop by your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care at the first leak, smell, noise, or light!

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    Whether the repairs are major or minor, you can relax with the Firestone Triple Promise Guarantee. Certain Firestone Complete Auto Care stores also offer emissions tests and Missouri motor vehicle inspections, but you'll want to call ahead and confirm. Whether you need peace of mind before a cross-country road trip or a new dashboard light popped on, schedule an appointment for a courtesy check or complete vehicle inspection in Springfield today.

    Your car's health isn't something you want to risk!


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    From drivetrain services to engine tune-ups to engine repair, trust your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for your car or truck maintenance and repairs. We're an automotive shop, tire store, and car care center wrapped into one. Our highly qualified technicians believe in truly complete auto care.

    How to perform a Class A CDL Pre-Trip inspection. Demonstrated by a state licensed CDL examiner.

    Explore our services and at your convenience, schedule your next courtesy check or repair in Springfield, Missouri today. Toggle navigation Firestone Complete Auto Care. Toggle navigation.