Birth certificate application form qld

Search the site Search. Date of Registration is the date that the birth was registered. Year of Registration is the year the birth was registered. Certificate Number must be the same as that shown on the Birth Certificate.

Fill in a birth certificate application form

Examples of Australian birth certificates Click on the headings below to see examples of Australian birth certificates Australian Capital Territory The fields marked in red on all certificates are mandatory. Birth Certificates for — May Birth Certificates Pre Birth Certificates Post Previous. Birth Certificates Post Current. Note: Certificate numbers are required on all certificates issued on or after 12 July There are three types of registration numbers in Northern Territory birth certificates.

After the registration is a straight 8 digit number. Ensure any alpha suffix is excluded Birth Certificate NT1. Birth Certificate NT2.

Birth Certificate NT3. Birth Certificate Pre 1. Birth Certificate Pre 2. Birth Certificate Post 1. SA Birth Certificate 1. SA Birth Certificate 2. SA Birth Certificate 3. SA Birth Certificate 4. SA Birth Certificate 5. SA Birth Certificate 6. SA Birth Certificate 6b. SA Birth Certificate 7. Birth Certificate for — Birth Certificate for with Baptism Change of Name. Be careful to choose the right example.

Evidence of identity -

We use the Document Verification Service DVS to check that the details you provide match the records held by the agency which issued the document. Hint: if you click on the error message shown at the top it will take you to the field with the error. You must supply at least one primary document. Your details must be supported by the information in your documents. A possible cause for the error may be the middle name you have submitted is not supported by any documents. Due to a technical problem, one of the documents you supplied is not able to be checked by the issuer of the document at this time.

Please try a different document type, or try again later. The agency who issued your document is not able to verify your document as it is older than what can be checked electronically at this time. Please use a different document type. If you are unable to prove your details online, you will be provided with an option to prove your identity in-person at selected Brisbane, Gatton or Beaudesert customer centres.

If we are unable to prove your digital identity, you will be returned to the agency service where you can check for other options to access that service, such as phone or counter. Once you have recorded your details successfully you can change them by providing documents that support the new details. To help protect your digital identity you will need to verify a mobile phone number. To change your date of birth, you will need to close your QGov Identity and re-prove your digital identity using documents which support your new date of birth. Be aware that a Queensland Government service might not allow you access to records you established using a different date of birth.

When you access a Queensland Government online service, you may need to share your personal information with the agency to enable the service to be completed online. If you choose to share your details just once, you will be asked if you want to share your personal details each time you access an online service which requires this information. It is important to note that if you choose to always share your personal details, extra details you add later are automatically shared. Linking logins could be helpful when using an individual login for personal matters and a business login for business matters.

Note: You must have at least one login, otherwise you will be required to delete your digital identity. We use confirmation codes to make sure that you made a change—not someone else. The code is sent to your registered contact email or mobile number, which only you can access.

Any information you submit that could identify you e. Let us know what you thought of this page and what other information you would like to see. We do not reply to feedback. Contact us if you need a response. Skip links and keyboard navigation Skip to content Use tab and cursor keys to move around the page more information. Site header. Contact us. Frequently asked questions Terms and conditions. Frequently asked questions Please check your answers. Why do I need to log in?

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How do I log in? What are the benefits of a login? Why do I need to 'step up' my login? Why do I need to register my mobile number? Why do I need to prove my digital identity? How do I prove my digital identity? What documents do I need to prove my digital identity? How do I provide points of identification? Do my personal details need to match my documents? How do I enter my document details?


How are my documents checked? What does this error message mean? How do I prove my identity at a customer centre? What happens if I can't prove my digital identity? How do I change my details? How do I change my date of birth? How do I share my personal details? How do I view my usage history? How do I delete the digital identity linked to my login?

How do I close my QGov login? How do I link or unlink my logins? Why do we use confirmation codes? How secure is my login? Is my privacy protected? Individual login You can log in or register as an individual using any of the following: Queensland Government QGov login Google account Microsoft account.

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Creating a password for a QGov login Passwords must be at least 10 characters, and consist of at least 3 of the following: upper case letters lower case letters numbers any of the following special characters :! A login lets you: access multiple Queensland Government services securely with a single login log in with a Queensland Government QGov , Google or Microsoft account for individuals log in with AUSkey or myGov for businesses control your personal information view your usage history. You can do this by either: using another, more secure login i.

You will need to register a mobile number against your identity to: step up your login change your details visit a customer centre i. This makes sure that it's you completing your requested service—not someone else. To prove your digital identity you must: use a strong login i. QGov or Auskey , or strengthen your login by confirming an SMS code sent to your mobile phone enter your personal details e. To prove your digital identity online, you will need to submit documents that support your following personal details: given name middle name if applicable family name date of birth.

Documents are categorised as either primary or secondary. Primary documents Points Birth certificate 50 Driver licence 60 Passport 50 Secondary documents Points Certificate of Australian citizenship 40 Change of name certificate 40 Australian visa 40 Marriage certificate 40 Medicare card 40 Do my personal details need to match my documents?

Given name and family name You must provide documents that match both your given name and family name. Only one document can list a different family name, unless you provide a marriage certificate that shows you have changed your name to either: your spouse's name a combination of your maiden name and your spouse's name using a hyphen or space. Change of name documents cannot be used to support a change of your name between documents. Date of birth You can use a document that has your partial date of birth e. Enter document details exactly as they appear on your document, including the leading zeroes on numbers.

Use the calendar pop-up to enter dates, where provided. If your document lists a partial date, enter the partial date only. Please note that if you use the calendar pop-up it will enter a full date.

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You can type over or delete any part of a date field. Passports up to 3 years out of date may be used. Other documents that have been cancelled or have expired are not accepted. For Medicare cards, if you have a name that goes over more than one line on your card, use the 'long name on multiple lines' option and enter your name exactly as shown on your card. DVS does not provide us with any of your details or the reason for a failed match. There is a limit on the number of failed checks allowed.