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When she falls in love with David Carpenter, a ministerial intern in Alaska, happiness is finally within her grasp--until she is summoned home to care for her sick "adoptive father. She must forgive. She flees with their children to find comfort with her parents in Kentucky but finds internal chaos instead. Each chapter alternates its focus between Robert and Alana during their time apart and showcases the power of the Holy Spirit on two nonbelievers. What they discover is their own brokenness and need for Christ.

While Robert accepts the gift of God's grace and his new life as a believer, Alana stubbornly struggles against the change. Her parents' new Christian beliefs and church-talk only push her away more. Only God, the lover of our souls, is able to show her the mercy she needs to be free. Free from sin and free to forgive. Roy Arbuckle was a man motivated by the thought his lost son, Paul, in a distant city may not be saved when Jesus returns.

But lost souls take first priority in Dr. Unknown to preacher the clerk had served In Viet Nam under the command of Aaron, his eldest son, who was killed there. Then his journey is interrupted by his discovery of a kidnapped child. He and the kidnapper race through the midnight hours.

Fifteen-year-old Becky Hollister discovers God's sovereign ways differ from her own when her home is unexpectedly torn from her, and she is thrust into a new situation which allows God to use her in ways she otherwise would never have known. The writer asks, "What perhaps was her life like prior to her years of suffering this ailment? What would she have endured during the years of her infirmity?

How would she have felt as she forced her way through the crowd to touch the hem of Jesus' garment? The author states her "hope to walk the reader through the dark extremity of what this woman may have experienced unto the hope, help, healing, deliverance and salvation that comes through Christ. A past relationship has left Erin with the inability to trust men, while she deals with an estrangement from her family.

Ryan has grown up without a father, and poor choices have polluted his view of women and relationships. Both husband and wife must work through their selfish desires in order to find their worth not only in each other, by in God as well. Jason's life is changed forever when he receives a head injury in a car crash, an accident in which the driver, Jason's Christian friend Matt Tilson is killed. The rear seat passenger in the accident, Brian Talchek, receives only minor injuries, but he has the impression that Jason caused the accident by distracting the driver and grabbing hold of the steering wheel.

Just after the accident, Jason seems to find himself in a world of violent, other-worldly weather-blinding lights, ear-hammering thunder. He sees a great battle among the elements. A giant wave, molten like lava but black as soot, threatens to drown him until a flash of silvery lightning strikes the wave and vaporizes it into gray mists. The mists gather themselves into malignant fumes trying to strangle Jason, but a radiant, rainbow-colored wind sweeps away the fumes and offers a momentary glimpse of sky upon sky upon sky-blue, then twinkling twilight, then a flash of gold, then finally an ethereal hue that has never seen before.

In this visionary world, Jason sees a luminous figure with dazzling eyes whom he recognizes as his friend Matt, who lightly touches Jason on the forehead and then departs. Once Jason awakens in the hospital, he finds that his vision of some other world has changed his views about this world. When his family comes to visit, Jason does not seem surprised when his mother explains, somewhat awkwardly, that that 'Matt has gone to a better place. Jason's parents are separated, and there is a palpable tension in the air when his father and mother are together in the same room.

As he listens to his father boasting about his successes in the business world, Jason has an odd "spell," a startling vision of his father as if chiseled in stone, handsome as a marble statue, but just as hard. The next day a slovenly detective comes to the hospital to interrogate Jason, explaining that the young man faces both criminal charges of negligent homicide and civil charges of wrongful death from the Tilson family.

As they are talking, Jason has another of his visions; the detective's face turns flaccid and flabby, taking on a dark yellow shade; he even smells of stale mustard. Later, however, when Jason's coach comes to visit, he has a strange luminescence about him. Though he is physically unimpressive, Coach has a kindly, radiant quality about him, and it is he who first suggests that Jason's momentary visions may be glimpses of another dimension usually hidden to our senses.

As the novel continues, Jason's "spells" become for him a touchstone of people's moral and spiritual condition. He comes to understand that the vision he saw of his father was one of pride and that the detective suffers from a condition of chronic sloth. Later he will warn his sister about her high school friends, since he has a vision of them as bloated, human-sized ticks, gluttons for stimulation and novelty. When Jason's mother begins to question her own faith, Jason sees a blazing lance hurtling toward her. But she is protected at the last moment by an arc of pure light that shatters the fiery dart into a million jagged fragments.

Jason's mother calls her faith her "foundation" amid her family's troubles, but Jason adds emphatically that it is also her shield. Everyone begins to notice changes in Jason. His former self-centered, morally confused personality is being transformed day by day; he becomes someone who can "read" other people's spiritual struggles and who seeks to bring healing into their lives.

He can see that a veteran lawyer is consumed by greed, that Matt Tilson's father is being scorched by black flames of his own anger. Even when the time comes for Jason's trial for criminally negligent homicide , the young man tells his lawyer that he is less concerned with the legal principle of creating "reasonable doubt" in the jurors' minds than he is with the spiritual principle, "the truth shall make you free. But in the meantime he has developed a newfound integrity grounded in spiritual realities.

He has also become an instrument of healing in the lives of others-renewing his relationship with an old girlfriend he had wronged; bringing hope and fortitude to Matt Tilson's grieving parents; and helping his parents find a way to renew their strained marriage.

Though his "spells" seem to be receding as his head injury heals, Jason has one last vision at the end of the novel. Though sitting in a dimly lit conference room in the county courthouse, he sees his reunited parents and sister all laughing together, and he smiles to see that the room is all aglow. The world's economy is in a tailspin, partially as the result of the activities of an ancient satanic group calling itself "the Thirteen. The plot is accidently discovered by a small church pastor, who realizes the plot's true potential. The action turns on the Thirteen's attempt to kill the pastor, the American government's attempts to insure his silence, and his attempts to warn the American government without goingto jail or worse.

Along the way he encounters several remarkable characters, and finds himself thrust into unexpected and often unusual situations. The second half of the novel begins when he calls it quits 50 miles east of the Mississippi River and makes his way to Aspen, Colorado, where he begins to put himself through the rigors of learning how to be a bona fide working cowboy.

For a time he is living the life he always dreamed of, but he is in an accident and no longer able to work as a cowboy. He suffers a nervous breakdown but finds help and hope, and redemption, renewing his relationship with Christ, and begins to build a new life. Professionally, however, he is finally moving forward.

His latest scientific paper is critically acclaimed and there is talk of being awarded the prestigious Sondheim Award. At a departmental luncheon, he overhears another professor suggest that the project may contain falsified data. Although Everman's mentor and collaborator shrugs off the allegations with suggestions of professional jealousy, the rumors continue until Everman feels compelled to head to South America to duplicate the project and salvage his professional reputation. Traveling through Chile and the Atacama Desert, John deals with numerous hardships and the increasing panic that the allegations may be correct.

Stalked by extremists, amid adversity, Everman has the gnawing realization that it is really something else that he fears. Her disastrous past with wealthy domineering men has made her wary of Jaydn Holbrook, prosperous land owner and President of Holbrook Enterprises. While Jaydn struggles to find the person trying to murder Alana, he also finds his way to God, the ultimate solution for the contentment and peace missing in his life. During this conflict, there are two dangers Alana and Jaydn face: the obvious physical danger as well as the emotional struggle with each other.

When Paul is brought again to Rome in AD 68 the soldier that guarded him, although no longer in the Roman army, comes to his aid. During his first stay in Rome, Paul was allowed to move around provided he was lightly chained to his guard. During this period they meet both fictional and real characters. He stands trial, is convicted, and sentenced to death. Jesse Anderson, a neuthetic counselor. During the preceding weeks, Jesse's rather unorthodox approach has already achieved encouraging results with several of the residents. A number of colorful individuals make Auburn their home -- people who are in dire need of someone like Jesse to care for them.

Anderson has been on the staff of the facility for only a short time, but already he suspects that all is not as it seems. As he becomes more familiar with the institution's day-to-day operations, he discovers that a number of the residents have been prescribed dangerous experimental drugs. As he and a colleague probe deeper into this troubling situation, they uncover evidence of an ongoing kickback scheme involving the chief physician of the institution.

When Jesse's accusations become public, an independent arbitrator is assigned to the facility. Meanwhile, Jesse's relationship with Mae develops to the point where he is able to offer spiritual challenges to her and her younger sister, Sarah. These challenges become an important part of Mae's eventual recovery. The novel's climax occurs when a resident, rendered even more paranoid by multiple medications, takes Mae hostage during a social event. After a tense stand-off, Jesse is able to disarm the situation. Shortly after this incident the arbitrator's report verifies all of Jesse's suspicions and the chief physician is dismissed.

Despite Mae's traumatic ordeal, the consistent influence of Jesse and Sarah lead Mae to embrace a new-found faith in Christ.

She and her two faithful companions, a mighty stallion and an ever present tiger, seek to unravel the mysterious disappearance of a baby prince, the only rightful heir to the throne, many years ago. She holds vague clues, an undecipherable riddle, and a will to succeed at any cost. Driven by the tyranny of an illegitimate king, she must choose both her way and her allies wisely. Being written in double first person, the reader meets Torin, a skilled knight, searching out the same mystery.

He is seeking the true king, but he only has a few pieces of truth to guide him. Does he hold the knowledge that Raina needs, and, if so, will he prove himself the noble man he seems to be? Despite her quiet nature, she seizes an opportunity to work as tutor for the town's most prominent and intriguing businessman, Edward Phelps. Not long into her sessions with the children, Callie realizes Mr.

Phelps' particular fascination with the region stems from a unique connection to Roslyn's past some forty years before when the town's original miners went on strike, and more than three hundred African Americans were brought in to replace them. She learns how a labor recruiter back in convinced African American workers that the mines were brimming with black diamond, but failed to tell them that they'd become strikebreakers.

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Callie hears how a mine leader was tied to the train tracks and left for dead, how barbed wire fences were installed as barriers for the new miners, and hears that rifles were cocked and carried as safe guards. In her quest to provide for her family, Callie finds herself unable to keep from exploring her employer's ties to the town's oft-forgotten past. In the meantime, she must learn to make his obstinate children like her enough to maintain her position, discern whether she can trust their unfriendly maid, and try to understand why her employer's wife is so miserable when she has the world at her fingertips.

As if she doesn't have enough to contend with, Callie is further distracted by one of Mr. Phelps' right hand men, Gabe, and has to decide if pursuing a relationship with him is worth risking the loss of provision her family. Callie's faith is tested and tried as she confronts the truth about strained family dynamics, racial divisions, and decisions that will affect the rest of her life. Once they were freed, the roller coaster of Tom's grief and rage alienates them on issues of retribution and clemency. Bonded together by their experiences, the couple weathers both the bank-robbery trial and the death of Gina's ailing other to a final testing of their faith, trust, and affection.

Led by Rick Barber, a young teen given to daydreaming at the most inopportune times, the group gets more than it bargained for when its members get caught up in a mystery. As the ten friends and siblings work to identify the thieves who are stealing from Riverside Mall, they must overcome a graveyard encounter with the thieves, steer clear of the local police, and avoid getting grounded by their parents. In the end they learn that they can do great things as a team and with the Lord's help. Their adventure takes them from the southeastern corner of the Colorado Territory to the Wind River area of what was in the Dakota Territory.

Help comes in unusual ways that show God's protection, but will they find the family and love they search for? Thomas, a woman of dignity and kindness with a secret that can eliminate the pain of Angela's past and change the course of her future.

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Janice Westfahl feels called to publicize Godspeed Books, an evangelical publisher outside of Chicago, a thousand miles away from upstate New York. The job fits her, a woman who loves God and books. But she finds herself working with Jeremiah Sackfield, a radical right wing activist, who toys with revolution. Even though she is a brilliant publicist, Janice feels she is betraying herself promoting Sackfield's cause. Like the elder brother in the Prodigal Son story, her brother has stayed home, furious his sister has dodged the painful months of his mother's dying, while earning their father's favor.

When her father dies, they must settle the estate with this jealousy flickering between them. Set in upstate New York and northern Illinois, The Normanskill Farm, is about how people love their country so fiercely, they will do anything to hold onto it.

Patriots don't mix talk about revolution and love for the homeland for nothing. Janice finds when you bed down a god, the barns burn. Set in upstate New York and northern Illinois, The Normanskill Farm , is about how people love their country so fiercely, they will do anything to hold onto it. The story is narrated by "Kid" one of the Minkgoats who is now an old goat and is recalling the story from memory as he tells it to the reader. Kid's sister; Windoe, his Uncle; Buck, Mother; Damsel, Father; Sire and best friend; Billy Goat teach the reader the importance of family, abiding by the rules, thinking positively and most important of all that the stories and lessons we learn from the Bible are relevant and meaningful in all situations we face in life.

Kelly became a believer following the tragic death of his twin brother.

The terrorist attacks stir up the grief he and his family faced. Romance is mixed in when Kelly has an encounter with a mysterious young woman at his church. Certain of his call, he is sensitive to his youthfulness as he lives out his faith in God. This grail, however, is not a chalice; rather it's a pair of cruets that once held the sweat and blood of Jesus, caught at the crucifixion. The searchers follow the legend of Christ in England - a legend supported by William Blake's year-old poem, Jerusalem.

Their search recovers more than the cruets; it uncovers a letter in Aramaic the searchers believe was written by Jesus. The manuscript is positioned to appeal to an established market. Cable television channels have responded to viewer interest with programs about the end-of-days, the missing years of Christ, Nostradamus, etc. The manuscript mirrors historical fact and should tap into that interest. It should also be especially marketable in the Glastonbury area. Jerusalem is known as the alternate British national anthem. The song was incorporated into the royal wedding of William and Kate, which further validates its popularity and marketability.

In particular, a prophecy in the book of Joel has a latter-day rendering with some special people and angels being used to bring the revival to pass. God uses teenagers who have been given extraordinary spiritual gifts to accomplish this task. The group must learn to use their gifts and begin the fight against the devil and his demons.

The teens encounter miracles along the way, but no one could have prepared them for the life and death struggles that mark their willingness to give their all to the Lamb that was Slain. The manuscript is appropriate reading for pre-teen, teenagers, and adults. Upon the discovery of her husband, Jack's infidelity, Linda Reynolds begins to plot her revenge! She arranges to sell the house, clear out their joint bank accounts and disappear with their three sons, leaving Jack destitute.

Her plan culminates in perfection when Jack leaves for work as usual but later comes home to find someone else moving into his house. Linda's success is short lived however when she and the three boys are in an accident which leaves her youngest son Nicholas 3 in a coma. Can Linda forgive herself? Can she find healing for the hurt and anger? Will Dr. Sam Martin be able to win her affections? Discover how God can bring beauty out of ashes in the lives of Linda and Jack Reynolds. Enter through Book Bank. The story follows their journey toward healing as they resolve to trust God's sovereignty and love, to live by their Christian convictions in every circumstance, and finally to release the relationships they have lost and embrace new hope together.

The only thing strong, independent Carlie cares about is getting a college hockey scholarship that will help put her on the road to the Olympics. Samantha's life and faith revolve around her handsome, basketball-star boyfriend. As Sam and Carlie's friendship grows, they influence each other in ways they didn't expect. Through Sam, Carlie gets to know Dan, the first boy who seems to be interested in more than her hockey skills. But neither Carlie nor Sam could have imagined how much they would need each other - and God - when their dreams start slipping away.

This short novel examines friendship, identity, brokenness, relationships, and faith through the eyes of two teenaged girls - both of whom realize that all those things are much more complicated than they thought. Twenty-one year old Charlene Hillsdale is the newly hired history teacher for the high school. She is determined to manage her life without help from her mother with whom she has been angry for a long time. But in Douglas, her principal openly disapproves of her, reminds her that she is hired "for the duration of the war only," and takes charge of her life.

When she meets Robert Scott, a wounded soldier home on a short leave, she is attracted to him and agrees to write to him. Robert is discharged in the spring of ' Returning to Douglas, he immediately asks Charlene out. But when he discovers she will be teaching another year, his attitude changes. Attentive in private, he avoids her in public until the last weekend before school reopens when he reveals that he will be returning to DHS as a student.

Their secret romance is marked by tension and misunderstandings. Disappointed that Robert has never made his intentions clear, Charlene determines to leave Douglas at the end of the school term. But on graduation day, in a very public place Robert proposes and places a diamond ring on her finger. Each sister in first-person point-of-view recounts the events of August, September and October of at home and at the boarding high school, Evenside Seminary. Tension builds in their relationship with the arrival of a rich, handsome city boy with a wild streak when one sister falls for his charms and the other perceives him as a cad.

Brought up by a Christian mother and a kind but alcoholic father, each girl's faith in God is strong, but different. Sarah is pious and somewhat obsessive in her belief while Addie's faith is evolving. The discovery of the battered body of a young lady causes greater upheaval for the family when suspicion falls on their older half-brother, Charles. When tragedy strikes a family friend who is the great love of Sarah's life, more suspicion surrounds Charles and sorely tests her faith. In the end, that faith as well as the inner strength and love of each sister prevail and the murder is solved.

He battled alcohol, doubt, disbelief, and hopelessness. He lost his family, his reputation, his profession -- but not a few close friends. This is Bill's story of battling to find his way "home. Yet what should be happy news isn't for everyone. Dani McAdams who lost her first child is puzzled by God's failure to intervene in her life.

Baby Tiffany's family is grieved, even angered by their baby girl now being the poster child for a local church whose doctrines and practices are considered cultish by the residents of Western Valley's Aydenburg. Reporter James Napora at first determined to expose the miracle as a hoax, especially when he learns the secret of Jerri Durr, finds instead that God is working through this experience to draw him to Christ. Along the way Roxelle Tendair, Pastor of Lakeview Church, finds that her greatest antagonist is in fact her greatest strength.

The book explores the secret of Sister Simons' bitterness and Tiffany's miracle. And then alive again? These are questions for young Reuben after his cousin Lazarus is raised by Jesus of Nazareth. Reuben's curiosity about Jesus leads to a bloody encounter with Roman soldiers, insights from Bartimaeus of Jericho, and witnessing the disciples' anger over a dancing girl washing Jesus' feet. Reuben almost comes to believe Jesus is the Messiah, until Jesus destroys the marketplace in the Temple, curses a tree, and is arrested. But a final act of faith and courage leads to answers for Reuben.

The main character has been having some strange, spiritually-related dreams that he believes are his way of fighting for those under spiritual oppression. As the story progresses, he begins to see physical results from his dreams, and even experiences warfare with spiritual entities in the natural. The central focus on his warfare is a young child who is severely oppressed by strong demonic forces, and the battles intensify as he strives to help free her.

Any other man would have laughed, but Orlando, who teaches mythology, is intrigued. Drawn by concern for their plight and by the beautiful young woman's extraordinary knowledge of myths, Orlando befriends her and offers protection. Orlando begins to unravel the mystery of Axis Mundi. He discovers a regime in which human nature, slavery, freedom and spiritual realities are laid bare. The battle for his son's soul reaches new levels as Orlando squares off against the ruler of Axis Mundi.

The conflict culminates in a court trial in which Orlando, accused of blasphemy, grasps the essence of fatherhood. They struggle with the horrors of the British Civil War and the political and religious issues of that era. They seek for truth and love in a nation torn apart by religious power-mongering and violence, and they find their own answers to their quests for freedom and security. Throughout the story their lives intertwine and they are confronted with issues in their relationships with each other and with God.

They reach across barriers of social and religious differences to relate to one another. Nell discovers that the cross of Christ has reconciled her with Father God. The work is the middle part of a trilogy that spans generations and nations as it traces the history of the Christian church from Roman Britain to the age of missions and social justice.

Set in a fantasy world with a medieval feel, it follows the life of fifteen year old Shara, betrothed to a selfish nobleman, even as her feelings grow for Nicho, the groom.


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Shara discovers a book, whose ancient script has the power to transport readers into its pages, and here she encounters the King and Prince E'Shua, whose kingdom of Herhon is torn apart by civil war. The further she is drawn into the book's mysterious world, the more she realizes how closely interwoven it is with her own, and through its pages she discovers her true identity and the path to freedom. A perilous journey ensues for Shara and her companions, as her enemy tries everything to prevent her from reaching her true homeland.

Poison Tree Path combines adventure and romance with Christian themes such as salvation, Christ's sacrificial love, our great worth in God's sight and the power of prayer. Arthur was young and energetic, torn between his love for Maggie and the urge to see what lay beyond his small, rural Alabama town. He faced an ageless dilemma that many, even today, have to resolve for themselves. The story should appeal to young people who are or have faced such decisions, as well as older readers who recall their own struggles.

Arthur's adventures often placed him at odds with his Christian upbringing. He found spiritual support from an unlikely source, an old ex-slave and his son. When Arthur finally turned homeward, he's confronted with unforeseen obstacles. Maggie faced her own challenges as she waited for Arthur's return.

The story has a pleasant ending when the couple re-unites, marries and starts a family. The reader will experience intrigue and conflict through-out the story. Such trauma leads to soul-searching, of trying to make sense of something that strikes us as senseless. Portals is a story that, at its core, explores a simple question: If I could change the past, would I? It sounds like a simple question. As the novel reveals, it isn't. For Jesse, the focus character in the story, the question is no longer rhetorical.

His wife, Ellen, drowned in Stillman's Lake when the two were celebrating their sixth anniversary. Now, three years later, Jesse is given a chance to go back and change the events of that fateful day. When Elisha prays to make God her best friend, she is taken to a magical kingdom with angels who can't fly, a valley of rainbows, and a winged golden lamb.

The angels give Elisha five ancient scrolls. Each scroll has a mysterious secret, that if discovered, will bring her closer to God. Time is running out. A strange man is plotting to close the doors to the magical kingdom, and tempt her onto a darker path. What are the five secrets to being best friends with God? Can Elisha complete her mission before the man intervenes? And what will happen if she does succeed? Just when she's ready to give up the fight, social worker Leslie however enters her life, and convinces Sarah that she's worthy of love.

Leslie and co-worker Dr. Chuck Stevenson provide Sarah with the psychological tools to cope with her past and prepare for a healthy future, and also introduce her to another patient, Matt, who suffers from severe mental illness after losing his entire family. Sarah discovers that, with the compassionate therapy Leslie and Chuck provide and with faith she can face her problems.

She develops strength to manage her own troubled past and her brothers violence towards her. Sarah and Matt find not only inner strength, but true admiration for each other - admiration that soon leads to love. As the evil within Hurricane Igor bears down upon Seeley's Mountain, these wilderness adventurers are forced to choose between light and darkness, fear and faith. When faced with a "natural disaster", these characters have the opportunity to witness faith in action and to confront their own core belief systems.

Amos's reaction to his son's death is to preach Hell in church and public; both spouses are shunned by the community. Carrie confronts Dr. Monroe who caused their son's death, infuriating and threatening him; he kills Amos in retaliation, leaving Carrie devastated. She establishes a group including Allan, CEO of Jett Pharmaceuticals, to expose damages caused by antidepressant usage.

Nellie Monroe confronts her husband, who plots to kill her also. Allan, a suspect in the murder, approaches Nellie, finding her and Monroe in a death grip. Police arrest a psychotic Monroe. Robbins, the town's eccentric, gives Carrie a rosebud, saying that the cycle is complete. Still friends, Carrie tells Allan that they must reread Hawthorne to understand, and they leave together. Coleman Witherspoon, the Patriot in the title, is a power-hungry, glory-seeking man who wants personal recognition even more than he wants political freedom from England.

Working People of California

Still, he believes strongly that the colonies should be free. He determines to do his part by turning Searcyville into a Patriot stronghold. To accomplish this, he must break the hold of its founder, Seymour Searcy, on the town. He manages to drive a wedge in Seymour's family but to deliver a final blow, he persuades the sequestration committee to take away Seymour's most prized possession - the plow with which he turned the first furrow in the town he established. His vibrant account of the first dream ignites the curiosity of his friend. James, the narrator of the novel, one of Walter's former students, visits his old mentor out of loyal obligation.

A stroke had numbed Walter's right side and stifled his verve and ambition, that is, until the dreams began. Jilian Moore, the staff psychiatrist where Walter resides, joins James and Walter in their exploration of the stunning revelations. Twelve times, over the course of four weeks, Walter has one of these vivid dreams. Together the twelve form a single story about a day in the life of the healer from Nazareth. As the dreams begin to flow into his sleep and out into his life, Walter's stroke symptoms gradually fade, against every expectation of his doctors.

Is it possible that Walter is seeing an actual replay of real events in the life of the teacher? The farm offers safety and love, but the darkness of her past threatens to snuff out her very existence. The novel follows the growth Jessica experiences while caring for horses and learning interpersonal skills with other members of the family and staff at the horse farm. The story provides mystery, suspense, and a surprise ending as Jessica's father finds her and endangers her life.

Prudence is ahead of her time regarding ideas of educating females, especially "little misses of color. So begins the conflict between Prudence and the town's most powerful man which eventually reaches the state's Supreme Court and forces a nation to consider the question of civil rights for "freed blacks. Even though she faced different circumstances than today's readers, she needed the same faith in God to give her courage to stand against persecution and the tide of popular opinion. The man she falls in love with is a Christian widower who is having difficulty grieving.

He has two small children to bring up and this is a struggle for him. The story deals with his uncertainty with commitment to another marriage. The novel deals with single parenthood, Christian beliefs, death and grieving. Beginning Today shows how we come to know we are chose by God. He wants us to accept him, love him, and understand the Gospel so that along with salvation we can experience victorious Christian living.

The stories of the families continue as they mature in their faith, disciple others, encourage each other, and persevere as God leads them in life's journey. The son of a German immigrant living in a border state during the turbulent years of the Civil War, half of the state hates him and all other German immigrants, calling them contemptuously "The Dutch. After Gus's father joins the Union troops, letters from him stop arriving.

The family hears nothing from him for months. Gus and his stepbrother, Heinrich, journey in search of Papa's regiment. They make a strange pair: Gus is proud of his father and their farm, and Heinrich despises farm work. Even more troublesome are Gus's suspicions. Does Heine support the secessionists and slavery? As they travel, Gus probes, and finally confronts his stepbrother. Eventually Gus gains a new understanding of Heine, along with an unanticipated respect for his opinions.

It has thirty-one chapters and approximately 53, words, written in the first person, present tense, for readers from tweens to young adult. As long as she scrubs the spots from the dresses and steams out the trains, no one would know how many bodies touched the dress or how long it sat in the warehouse.

And no one would know, as long as she keeps up appearances, of the sin she dallies in Saturday nights. Raised in the church by missionary parents, Erin sits next to her boyfriend every Sunday to keep up the practice of a faith she had learned as a child. No one would know but God; and, when she secretly aborts a baby and retreats into a haze of alcohol and routine, no one is able to reach her but God because no one, not even his own, is able to outrun his love.

Her plan culminates in perfection on the day when Jack leaves for work as usual — but comes home that night to find someone else moving into his house. Discover how God can bring beauty out of the ashes in the lives of Linda and Jack Reynolds. Betty awakens and finds her body bruised and her torso covered with fresh knife wounds that resemble blood-encrusted crucifixes. As she recovers and waits for her memories to return, Betty discovers she is pregnant and gives birth to a beautiful but grotesquely deformed child named Claire.

Gerald lets his relationship with girlfriend Vanessa end rather than lose his independence. She'd wanted a family. Alec's thinking differently. Aware of how alone they all are, he pursues the woman who doesn't wear business suits, but art curator Ingrid de Louthe was scarred by her father running away from his family to Cadiz with a mistress. Their friends and acquaintances have many different reasons for not bearing children, but Alec and Ingrid eventually marry before God and bear a son, the last child born among them.

Thirty-two years after Gerald last saw Vanessa, their collapsed society has left him sixty-one years old, lonely, and with only regrets. Saving Alec's eighteen-year-old son becomes Gerald's last chance for redemption. After Ann is attacked and Jim saves her life, he finds that he cannot stay away from her. The attraction intensifies as they spend time together. Jim's already existing doubts about the priesthood, which initially he tries to deny, are further magnified as time goes by. Through a series of events, he is forced to examine his reasons for having become a priest in the first place, and this self-examination ultimately brings him to a life-changing decision.

The reader follows four generations who must decide how they will respond to the evil that has entered their world. Sharply contrasting with our modern era of antiseptic hospital births and deaths, in this era it all happens at home. A young woman survives and thrives amid the common tragic losses of her day: a baby, a husband, her home.

How does she do this? Family, faith, and community all play a role. The United States and Canada have disintegrated because people stopped believing in the constitutive principles that formed these nations. The continent has reverted to wilderness except for tribal areas, kingdoms, small democracies, and highly technical societies living in walled cities.

In one of these cities, Techopia, the hero, a psychological-engineer, is ordered to examine a deviant named Isaiah. This special assignment launches him to unraveling a global conspiracy that depends on "useful idiots. It is written to exhibit attributes of God without delving so far into allegory that it makes the reading obscure.

Young Alex Forrester can see demons, but no one else can. At least that is what he thought. Abandoned in a mental institution by his mother, Alex is rescued by three men who share his gift. They introduce him to a world where he can hope, heal, and learn to fight back. They are the Eyes of God. The book follows Alex's initiation into a sect of the Eyes patrolling the streets of Chicago from behind the gates of a seminary.

The book chronicles his adventures, frustrations and attractions as he deals with physical training, religious expectations, a mysterious scar and a desire for the gorgeous, but virtuous exchange student working in the library. The Eyes of God presents thought-provoking evangelism with heart-pounding action, bolstering the faith of believers and confronting secular doubt with a bullet.

In his retirement "Pastor Bill" tries to come to grips with the meaning of his ministry. He has grappled with hard issues such as sexual harassment, conflict over music, homophobia, a threatened patriotism, the idolatry of money and dark doubts about Christian faith. He reviews the many creative ways he has sought to be faithful, including a clown ministry, the use of short stories, a conversation for "doubters and seekers," a program aimed at integrating faith and work, a deep commitment to parish nursing, and a teaching ministry designed to help lay people reclaim the Bible.

He remembers the struggles and joys in leading the church in mission, through efforts at faith-based organizing, a partnership with Guatemala, a ministry with returning prisoners, ecumenical work on earth stewardship and programs to strengthen interfaith relationships. In the concluding story he reflects on the challenge of being a prophetic pastor and concludes that this is only possible if the goal is to represent Christ and the means a daily reliance on his spirit. In his story about short stories, Pastor Bill muses that "when your own story becomes unbearable or impossible, eating someone else's is a small but hopeful thing to do.

The main idea is that God has given us both revealed religion as well as natural science. The works of God in nature teach us how to interpret the works of God in the Bible. Science and religion should not only not contradict each other, but in fact complement each other in a way that each helps us to understand the other. Sir John Polkinghorne, a Cambridge physics professor and Anglican Priest, has theorized that because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, God can affect the subatomic world while being undetectable by scientific instruments, no matter how advanced they become.

This book follows this story - for instance, angels and demons can be seen and heard by humans by manipulating signals in the optical and cochlear nerves respectively. This book attempts to fill in many of the "missing stories" in the Bible, as well as provide background motivations. It draws upon the Bible, Apocrypha, historical research, and the sciences of biology, physics, and chemistry.

Before David can confront a hostile federal government wife disappears in the rapture. He overcomes his worst fears and forces an alliance with Sarah Morison, captain of the renegade attack submarine USS Seawolf. From the remoteness of the Aleutians and the Falklands to the war-torn sands of Israel, they struggle to escape from a once dead yet reborn Ottoman Empire that encompasses the Middle East.

West Virginia's state secret is based on a recently declassified US Navy energy research program. The novel describes the strategy the antichrist employs to displace western dominance and suggests a solution to the mystery of biblical Babylon. End of Deception analyzes the rapture from a Biblical prospective and unveils a new possibility that has far reaching consequences. Sam is a typical child who loves summertime, baseball and torturing his sister.

But poor Sam endures tragedy too early in life and is thrust into a world of grief. Worse yet, he feels the weight of guilt over the event that caused his grief. For several years, he copes with his loss by withdrawing from those around him until a unique relationship helps to pull him from his emotional hole. Through this friendship, he overcomes doubts, discovers abilities and learns what healing and love are intended to be. His mother, who is his best friend and teaches him about God dies when he is ten.

With his faith shaken, he goes to spend the summer with his uncle in Montana. His father and uncle are half brothers who have completely different views of life. Everything is thrown into upheaval when the country is split apart by a second war between the states and Joshua's uncle becomes the President of a New America. Joshua, who has been trained as an assassin, is sent to kill his uncle.

Joshua's life is torn apart as he learns horrible truths about his father and about brothers he didn't know he had. As Joshua struggles to complete his mission, he gets caught up between brothers at odds. There they meet the evangelist Yusuf, who believes Rusty has been kidnapped by Somali pirates while delivering Bibles in unauthorized territory. The three men, along with Yusuf's captivating sister Lana, devise a plan to secure his return.

As the plot unfolds, truths are revealed, emotions bared, and expectations shattered. In this novel of loyalty and loss, a fleeting glimpse of true faith is captured as the course of several lives are forever altered. As he braces for another year in the Kingdom with nothing but a failing marriage and a cancelled project to show for his efforts, he feels compelled to find out why his wife is behaving so strangely.

What he learns is a truth that goes much deeper than the simple answers he was expecting. He sees glimpses of another reality and the beings that live in the limbo between the physical and spiritual worlds. He becomes aware that he is a pawn in a much larger battle that threatens the really scarce resource in the country; fresh water. His marriage could become just one casualty in a war that threatens to change the balance of power in the world. Friends and family on both sides of the globe are drawn into battle, totally unaware of what is at stake and how ruthless but subtle the attacks will be against them and those they love.

Places: London, England, UK

Her situation deteriorates as she travels north to take up a position as a lady's companion and loses her memory in a carriage accident. The many appearances of a particular angel are interwoven throughout the twists and turns of the story of Lady Katrina. Some call it justice, while others, revenge. But when vengeance is sought does it end in peace of mind or does it return like an echo? Will retribution absolve one or destroy all with equal indifference?

The Angel Chronicles - Doorsteps is an allegory; a modern day tale examining the lives of three men who lose all that they treasure. Written as a nonsectarian work, Chronicles allows God to take a much deserved respite while Gabriel steps forward to assist in this Angel Chronicle. The story shows how anguish can bring about corruption, compassion will lead to grace, and self-sacrifice is the ultimate gift.

To complicate matters, Dawn is obsessed with her hatred for Christians and Marcus. After a prophecy is made against her, Dawn challenges God. He answers the call and opens her eyes to the spiritual realm where angels and demons battle over the fate of man. Desperate to understand the things she is experiencing, she has to rely on Marcus for help. Little did they know that God was about to send them both on an incredible journey into the world of the supernatural.

Dawn has a secret that she has managed to keep hidden from the national media, her sister Amy McIntyre who is a prostitute, a drug addict and member of the occult. Dawn's conversion and sets out to destroy Amy in an epic race against time and spiritual forces to save her sister who is involved in the occult. Will they get to her in time? After ten years of marriage and no children, she opted to work alongside her husband than stay alone indoors.

Sarah even went so far as to "man" the chuck wagon for their yearly trip up the Chisholm Trail. Unfortunately during this run she would have to face her husband's death as well as his request that she remarry -- now. Best friend and partner to Allen Asher, Joe Matthews enjoyed his life as a single man. Helping run the LW Ranch and providing for his widowed mother, he never planned to take a wife. But with a dying wish, the plans changed.

Matching Quality Christian Manuscripts with Major Christian Publishers

Married to Allen's widow, he never knew his life would be so different. Nor did he realize one woman could bring so much havoc into his well structured world. Amid various trials and perilous encounters will Sarah and Joe find what they need in God and each other to endure the changes brought on by The Husband Exchange?

In searching for her father and for long-craved love, Jeze is gifted with far more: her true worth as God's child and the Holy Spirit's deft healing. Jeze reclaims her destiny and the reality of her birth name - Joy. The writer notes, "This manuscript is intended to be both an organic, character-driven story that happens to include spiritual mentoring, and an indirect teaching of the power that is unleashed when people engage a mentored spiritual journey under the Holy Spirit's guidance.

There are many excellent books on this relationship in Christian publishing, but not enough people have yet realized that they are worthy of a mentor or of being one. I want this book to become an indirect springboard for even more people to begin thinking, praying and talking about this subject. There, the secret of the Laurel Crown is meant for Carolyn to unlock.

On her way to using the Crown's power, Carolyn must battle for her brother Jimmy, herself and others against the evil powers of Mauvais and King Baal. Although she desires to exhibit Christian love, when it comes time to convert her faith into action, her inner struggles weigh her down. When surly Goth teenager Amanda Colter gets in trouble, she begs Christine to help. Amanda is the prime suspect in the untimely death of elderly Bessie Parrish.

The middle-of-the-night call for help thrusts Christine into a dangerous quest for truth in places populated by unsavory characters. Searching for the true identity of Mrs. Parrish's killer, Christine's journey forces her to confront the ugliness of her own prejudiced heart. When Amanda is arrested, however, Christine must face the high probability of the girl's guilt.

Amanda's refusal to assist in her own defense complicates matters. Christine presses forward to sort out the tangled details of the murder, despite mounting peril and threats to her personal safety. Brom's thinking on this matter is challenged by one of his students. Mary Clear is a social worker who once was headquartered in a convent. She considered becoming a nun, but is now seeking a new life.

Mary has an active but turbulent faith, and like Brom, something from the past she dare not reveal. A promising but difficult relationship between teacher and student begins. Life can be painful and unfair. People make mistakes. Yet there is hope. Readers will see that on any given day, someone could enter their world, and everything will change. It happened to Brompton Sable; it happened to Mary Clear. With murder, mayhem, love lost and won again, we see the life of CJ Dennis as he grows from a mediocre Christian to a man of faith.

We also see into the life of Mary Ann, who runs away from an abusive husband only to find herself homeless and in danger. As she finally reaches out for her help, her husband finds her and settles the score. CJ accepts the mandate fro God to adopt Mary Ann's three children despite the negativity he receives from family and friends. He learns to rely on God even when it looks as if the children will be taken from him. In the end, CJ finds love in more ways than he ever expected. In this first novel, Michelle wrestles with her spiritual identity in a battle between New Age beliefs and her Christian heritage.

Michelle's involvement in the New Age begins innocently as she seeks to make friends after moving out of state with her husband. Starla Stein, who owns the local New World Bookstore, feeds Michelle words of affirmation and encouragement, while helping her to analyze the meaning of some troubling dreams. She introduces Michelle to New Age instructor, Trevor Wind, whose charisma entices Michelle into an increasingly intimate friendship. A tragic event jolts Michelle out of her naive enchantment with Trevor and his New Age viewpoint.

When she learns her father is in intensive care on the brink of death from a suicide attempt, she rushes to his side. There she must come to terms with the meaning of life and determine her course. He struggles to become a strong enough man to fight the king, and then finds that God has gone before him to put in place first a battle-weary captain to train him and then a group of rebels to follow him, and ultimately he finds love in the search for his future.

Both the king and the prince display complexities that are revealed under pressure. This is a self-contained story that begins a series, the second of which is underway. This is fantasy fiction for young adult readers--a coming of age book. Lizzy I have worked with shelter dogs in Onslow County, NC helping many get adopted to wonderful new homes. My goal is to reunite you and your wonderful pet so that you can have harmony in your home.

I have also had training in off-leash obedience and working with agility for those more active dogs. I apologize for the inconvenience. Arkansas Dog Trainers. I primarily do private, in home sessions for the privacy and convenience of the owner. I do all types of training from basic obedience to sports to mobility and PTSD service dog training. Please let me know how I may assist you! It was during my involvement with a local rescue that I recognized I could contribute more by becoming a certified trainer.

I own 5 dogs in my own home, 3 of which were rescued and more than one with behavior issues. I hope to help others develop lifelong positive and rewarding relationships with their canine companions. Obedience, Problem solving, boutique in home boarding. I'm Brittany and I've been here in Conway since July of My passion in life is dogs and dog training. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send an e-mail. Thank you for your time.

We offer group Puppy Obedience, Adult Obedience classes and private lessons. In class we cover all the basics along with detailed Problem Solving Solutions for your dogs specific needs. Private in home lessons are also available. Call or visit my web-site for more information! Lola has over 15 years working experience and is a graduate of and Mentor for Animal Behavior College.

She volunteers her time to foster, shelter and rescue dogs and was awarded Volunteer of the year by the Southside Mutt-i-grees program in Working with local animal welfare organizations, she is a valued member of their entry teams for abuse and puppy mill rescues. She has adopted dogs from shelters, including those deemed on the verge of unadoptable and successfully rehabilitated countless dogs. She currently volunteers her time and talents to local shelters and rescue groups working on basic obedience to help make dogs adoptable and treatment plans for dogs with more serious issues.

Cindy's specialty is shelter or rescued dogs. Individualized instruction available. Private in-home or group class services available. I focus on rewards for good behavior, rather than teaching dogs to fear through punishment of bad behavior. I offer individualized behavioral modification training catered to your specific goals and board and train packages. I am also setting up my business to board dogs and to offer to train them while the owners are away.

They are all my world, and I would love to help you train your best friend as well! Services offered: Basic obedience, and agility coarse training, and puppy training. As a Dog Trainer I offer private lessons, group lessons, dog behavior modification and so much more. Simple technique could change the way you look at modern Dog Obedience Training. We can make it fun and easy today!! British Columbia Dog Trainers. All dogs have different temperaments and genetic backgrounds. We work with you to create eclectic strategies for your dog's success using positive reinforcement methods.

We have now moved to Crofton, in the North Cowichan District. Cindy, who has been training dogs for 9 years, 3 years Graduated from Animal Behavior College loves dogs and trains dogs and their owners in a positive, fun way. She does in home private classes mostly and we also handcraft leather dog supplies. COM www. No dog too big or small we train them all.

Fernando has Mastered the Art. If your looking for a trainer to get the job done, numerous references are available upon request. I am especially interested in helping seniors with their dogs. I offer both day training and private coaching. With day training, I come into your home and work with your dog in the environments where you're experiencing challenges with your dog's behaviour. This way you can enjoy both a well-trained dog I do the training for you while I work 3 days a week with your dog and then I share the process with you 1 day a week at a transfer session.

In private coaching, I work with you for one hour a week on specific behaviours. It is important that the behaviours being trained are well proofed. These are great if you're concerned about the safety of your grandchildren around dogs! Once your dog learns basic behaviors such as: sit, stay, come and down, we start trick training. Because it is so much fun for you and your dog, practicing won't feel like work! Get ready to show off the cutest dog in the city, yours!

Classes offered in Langley, B. Our training involves fun, quick, easy, and effective methods that are within the capabilities of all owners and their family members, including children. We assist with the new puppy, help integrate a rescue dog into the home, and work with you on obedience and resolving behaviour issues. Our techniques are based on positive reinforcement. We also provide Tellington TTouch for those clients who want a holistic approach.

Becoming a certified dog trainer and caring for all sort of animals on a full-time basis is a real dream come true. I started my schooling through the Animal Behavior College at the beginning of Throughout my yearlong course, I have proven proficient in both the theory and practical techniques for a variety of positive training methods. By understanding behaviors of the canine species, I am well equipped to provide the most effective training plan for your beloved friends.

I am a dog lover first, and a dog trainer second. I know from first-hand experience the difference dog training makes in the relationship between dog and owner. Without professional training, it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship, but with an investment in good training, a wonderful transformation will occur. I have been working with dogs and their owners for many years and there is nothing which satisfies me more than to see a happy dog and a happy owner!

My mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many happy years together. I will also teach you to rehabilitate your aggressive dog, whether that aggression be directed towards people, or dogs, it's fixable. I volunteer at the local animal shelter training dogs, and I offer discounted training certificates out to people who adopt a dog from this shelter.

This way it helps both the owner and the dog start out on the right track. It's all for the dogs. All levels of obedience, problem solving and reactivity work without the use of harsh corrections. I'm also soon to be a Certified Animal Care worker. I also dabble in party tricks, freestyle dog dancing and service dog training for pet dogs! In addition to our fitness classes, learn to run programs, canicross, skijoring, snowshoeing, weight pulling and our annual Doggie Duathlon, we now offer obedience training and are excited to introduce clicker training techniques to dog owners!

I work as a force free dog trainer using only humane reward based methods. This means that I will never use choke, prong or shock collars or physical punishment to train a dog. I don't believe that you have to hurt a dog to help it learn to be a well behaved member of the family. I work one to one with clients which is ideal for those who have a busy schedule. I see clients whenever it is convenient to them, even at weekends. I am Vice President of the Vancouver Island Animal Training Association, a non profit organisation dedicated to promoting force free training.

California Dog Trainers. I've worked with Wolves to Westies! No dog isn't welcome here! All breeds and issues welcome! Weekday private socialization training is also offered at Sunny Day Acres for dogs not quite ready for group classes or needing a little extra 1-on-1 time.

My methods are all about strengthening bonds and providing balance for your dogs' psychological well-being as well as your own! I have many years experience in training dogs and horses. I specialize in training obedience to help dogs earn their AKC Good Canine Citizen Certificate, and then to receive their therapy dog certification. I also have vast experience working with shelter dogs and rehabilitating shelter dogs to be rehomed.

I would be happy to help you and your dog with any behavior issues your dog may be having, including aggression, or just to train your dog to be a Good Canine Citizen! Modification Counseling for all levels and positive solutions for problem behaviors. G , a no-kill non-profit shelter. I truly believe in training is that is fun and positive and relationship building for the dog and owner. I provide private classes for basic obedience, puppy training, problem solving training, and basic clicker training.

I can speak Cantonese as well. I started my own business to help people and their dogs lead happier more balanced lives together. Growing up in Southern California my family always had pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes. I love all animals. I was bitten by a dog as an eight year old and went through a period of time where I learned to be afraid of dogs. I eventually grew past it and it has given me a particularly sympathetic perspective and tempered my enthusiasm with wisdom.

By the time I was a teenager my family rescued two dogs CJ and Dane. I always considered them mine and eventually when I moved out on my own they moved with me. They were both Great Dane mixes and over lbs each. They taught me a lot and gave me a lot of happiness for many years. She is still young but learning to be a great dog and teaching me to be a better trainer. Pet Services I come to you! Reward based training and positive solutions for all your pet needs.

I'm based in Orange County and service the surrounding areas. Call or email for more info. My apologies for the inconvienence. Please visit our website to view our full line of services and products. Good Dogma is committed to providing education and communication skills necessary to create a lifelong successful relationship between humans and their canine companions.

Good Dogma uses reward-based positive reinforcement methods including treats, lures, and clicker training. We focus on teaching consistent voice and body language practices in order to enhance success. Founder Lisa Ellman has provided obedience training and behavior modification to dogs and their owners since I make in home training sessions easy and convenient to fit your schedule.

I hold group classes through Auburn Recreation District on basic obedience. I also teach and give the exam for the Canine Good Citizen test. My goal is to help you and your dog become one in your relationship, and help you with the problems that may come in this relationship. All dogs deserve happy lives, and I hope to teach you and your dog how everyone in your family unit can achieve that!

While growing up I discovered I had an incredible bond with dogs. I started out at the age of 6 with my first dog. I taught her how to sit, down and follow me everywhere I went. While training dog within the USAF a few of the many things that I taught dogs was basic obedience, advanced obedience off-leash , agility and scent tracking. In when my enlistment was coming to a close I separated from the USAF and began the long venture of starting my own business. I continued to train dog in Atlanta from to keep myself knowledgeable and disciplined within my training skills. In January of enrolled at Animal Behavior College to become a certified dog trainer and to acquire the knowledge of using more positive methods within my training program.

After gaining the knowledge of positive training method from Animal Behavior College I consider myself a Balance dog trainer. I graduated in the top of my class to become a certified dog trainer and along the way I received my pet CPR certification and meaning knowledge pet nutrition and effectively teaching group classes.

I would take dogs out for walks and spend quality time with them one on one, and give them time to run around and enjoy the outdoors. As part of training I would observe how dogs interact and communicate with each other. My goal as the Owner of my own dog training business is to help dog owners bridge the communication gap with their beloved pet. Through all my accomplishments and training I use a combination of positive reinforcement and negative punishment to transform your problematic dogs into model canines. I will wrap this up by saying THANK YOU for reading this and giving me the opportunity of solving the complicated misunderstanding between your pet and yourself.

I have been training dogs for over 10 years now. Since after separating for the USAF I have been actively training dogs of all breeds and temperaments. I use a more Balanced training Technique which means I use Positive training methods all the time except as a last resort for safety purposes. I volunteer at a local Humane Society animal shelter training dogs, and I offer discounted training for clients who have adopted a dog from any shelter. Contact me for a complimentary consultation and development of a training plan for you and your best friend. When I came to the USA 21 years ago and moved to Marin County quickly people would trust me with their pets while they were going on vacation and pretty soon I would train them naturally and their owners would come home to a happy pet.

Thereafter I decided to be certified in this field and gain qualifications. I'm willing to travel or relocate for my passion. I trained and competed with my rescue dog, Reiley, in obedience and agility, earning numerous titles. Reiley's Run Canine Academy offers individual and group training for companion and sport dogs.

My passion for pets took me from my career as an Emmy-Award winning designer to devoting my life to animals and their care. I have been volunteering for the Glendale Humane Society since I assist in the process of rehabilitating shelter animals, so they have a better chance at achieving a successful adoption. Please check us out online: www. Our services are: Private and group dog training Dog walking Pet sitting - medications and injections ok!

Pet taxi- Ride to the Vet? My first love has always been dogs, and I hope to use my training towards keeping dogs in forever homes as well as zero euthanasia. Certification my 20 plus years of experience with dogs. Love working with the behavior problems. Also utilize cognitive re-structuring techniques, this type of approach works well with shelter dogs. I hate to see dogs re-homed.

Contact me for a free consultation! Please let us know! Katelyn is a well-rounded certified dog trainer who has worked with close to different breeds of dogs all ages, and sizes. She spends her spare time working with rescue dogs to give them a better chance to find the perfect family. At a young age, Katelyn strived to educate herself about animals by enlisting in numerous programs to contribute her share to decrease the amount of homeless dogs. Katelyn has always surrounded herself with the love from a wide range of animals in her household, especially dogs. Her recent companion that she rescued goes by the name of Monty.

Monty is a shy Border Collie mix who was most likely neglected as a puppy. Working with Monty to overcome his fears and training him to be a well-behaved member of society has not only helped fulfill her passion to help other dogs but given her firsthand experience as to what many people go through. Large daytime outside, open play area; one for large breed, one for small breed. Safely enclosed building: crate, comfort-controlled overnight boarding. I have been working with dogs for over 20 years-hunting, shelter, rescues and family dogs.

Pick-up and delivery services available. We do take "questionable" breeds. Dog massage coming soon. Heidi S. With rescued dogs, we don't always know their past, but we can help create a happy future with them in a positive way. LCT wants to help you understand your dog while helping him to build his confidence. My goal is to teach you some ways to understand your dog's fears by learning how to read his body language. I have the tools to guide you, let me help you, and together, we can build the foundation for a happy future with your thankful dog.

Also, private and in home training. I can teach your dog all the basics; Sit, Stay, Sit stay and more. I can stop the pooping in the house, and solve other behavioral problems. Call today, I'll help you and your dog get along.. Chico and Paradise area's only. I have over 20 years of working with animals and now have turned that passion into my profession. I am working with my local animal shelter and also the Flying Samaritans in their pet rescue operations. I will update this as I gain more experience. I love working on helping create a positive and fun environment for both the owner and pup!

I teach all basic commands and problem behaviors. Volunteer at local shelter since in Dog Care. I just graduated from ABC, and plan on working as a trainer at a doggy day-care doing Dog Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten and dogs with fear issues. All my work is personalized and tailored to your specific needs. This includes many pricing options and flexible times which I have found are much appreciated.

If you have a dog who could use some work or you are getting a dog of any kind please call me for assistance sooner than later. My goal is to bring you and your dog to a new level of love, understanding, and fun through positive reinforcement obedience training. I believe all dogs are eager and willing to learn, if you just learn how to communicate clearly to them in a way they understand. I have learned through experience that training the owner how to communicate with their dog is just as important as teaching their dog basic obedience.

52 F.3d - Volume 52 of the Federal Reporter, 3rd Series :: US Federal Case Law :: Justia

When you are ready to take this wonderful journey with your best friend, I am here to be your guide. Prerequisite: current on vaccinations. Intermediate Education is a 6-week course for puppies and dogs 5 months and older that want to continue their education. Click-A-Trick Education is a six-week course for puppies and dogs of any age. Prerequisite: Puppy or Beginner Education, or comparable skills; current on vaccinations. This course will help you communicate using a clicker as part of our positive reinforcement-based program. Advanced Education is a six-week course for dogs and owners wanting to further continue their education.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Education, or comparable skills; current on vaccinations. Private Lessons are also available. With these different course selections, together we will be able to help get your dog from puppy to adulthood positively and with a lot of fun!!! Her dream to become a dog trainer began while volunteering with the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation.

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In her spare time she enjoys working with rescues and spay and neuter campaigns. My services include in-home private training sessions as well as group classes. I use positive reinforcement techniques and customize our sessions to your specific needs. I train puppies from 2 months young to dog who have lived 14 years I also have dog walking and pet sitting services. Contact me for more information.

I look forward to working with you! From solving old problem behaviors to teaching a puppy new behaviors, I love being able to make a change for two different worlds to harmoniously work together. The earlier you start training your dog, the easier it will be and the happier you and your dog will be. I use only the positive reinforcement method which has been proven to be the most effective. No yelling or physical punishment. I do in-home private lessons for reasonable rates. You can choose a standard training plan or it can be customized for your dog.

We are all animal lovers - have never been without them. They add so much to your life. That's why I chose to train; without proper training they can be more of a headache than a joy. Like children, they just need a chance. The key to having a happy, healthy, and balanced dog lies with structure in the home, competent and consistent training, and providing sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

Dog walking and private training services provided. Teaching People Training will enhance the bond between you and your dog. Dogs who have a solid obedience education are a joy to live with-they have good manners in the presence of people and other dogs. Offering Private and Group Lessons, specializing in behavior modification. After a career in education, he turned his attention full time towards the training of all breeds and types. We offer group classes, as well as, in home private instruction in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Show quality American Pit Bull Terrier puppies for sale and stud service.

Breeding for the advancement of the breed. My specialty is puppies, both in group training and one-on-one. I also offer in-board training to individuals that are looking to board a dog and receive training at the same time. Now I am happy to say that I am a Certified Dog Trainer who teaches only with positive reinforcement methods. Recommendations are targeted and specific to each unique situation. I offer free and discounted sessions to people who adopt from a shelter. Have the dog you've always wanted! Corina specializes in advanced obedience training, Schutzhund, and scent work.

Group Classes offered in Encinitas. I currently work as the primary canine trainer for a major local law enforcement agency. In , I enrolled in the Animal Behavior College which is an online course in pet dog training. In , I became part of the canine unit where I worked a dual-purpose German Shepherd in criminal apprehension and narcotics detection. I returned to San Diego and instituted a structured narcotics detection training academy for my department.

I became the narcotics detection instructor full time. I strive to continue my education in relation to the canine training industry to become a better trainer and instructor. Training dogs and handlers is my passion. I love seeing the progress made on both ends. I am a straight shooter and will be completely open and honest with you. I learn new tips, tricks, and techniques all the time from students, peers, and others. But together we can come up with a solution to the problem.

In that, I am confident. Training your pet dog should be fun for all involved. I hope I can help you enjoy it just as much as I do. It is my goal to teach pet guardians how to train their dogs through compassionate, reward based, positive training methods. I want you to have the most rewarding, positive relationship you can possibly have with your furry family member. I currently offer basic obedience training as well as dealing with problem behaviors such as digging, excessive barking, jumping and housebreaking.

I offer puppy and adult basic obedience classes. Ashmore gmail. I currently train with petsmart. I use gentle and effective positive reinforcement. Training plans are customized to meet your needs. For more information, contact me via email or click on my website!

K Bullies a family owned kennel and a graduate of Animal Behavior college. I am a dog lover first, and a dog specialist second. I know from first-hand experience the difference dog training makes in the relationship between dog and dog owner. Without professional training it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship, but with an investment in good training and some of the programs we offer you will be able to see your animal transform from a dog into a wonderful family member. I also have been doing private lessons around the San Diego area.

I also now offer a board and train program at my home in Fallbrook. I'm a fully fenced, oak studded 2 acre property in Fallbook, with easy access to the I Marine that began his dog training career as an Improvised Detection Dog Handler. He received his certification at K2 Solutions Inc. They worked together to bring themselves and their fellow Marines back home safely. He is also a frequent volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society and assists in teaching sheep herding classes at Drummond Ranch. His compassion in training dogs and spreading his knowledge and skills to others was so great he and his business partner Chris Gant came up with Dusty Trails.

Check out the Website or Facebook page to see more on the trainers, training, and the resident ranch dogs! At the DPC Chris' worked focused on behavior modification as well as continuing to teach classes such as swimming, sheep herding, and socialization. After a year Chris decided to branch off and focus on sheep and cattle herding with dogs.

When he is not herding Chris has his own dog training business to run on his property in Fillmore, Ca. Chris is a proud supporter of Best Friends Animal Society and many other rescue groups. My name is Brittany Mangrum. My passion for animals started when I was a child and has been growing ever since.

I strongly believe knowledge is power, the more you know the better off you will be. So when I decided to peruse a career in dog training, I set out to gain as much information as I could. I consider myself a balanced trainer. Every dog is different and so is every owner, the training program should be adjusted accordingly.

That being said, my training is a very positive fun environment. My job is to help you build a better relationship between you and your dog. I use as much positive reinforcement as possible. I do board dogs for people going out of town i am also willing to do board and train, as well as private and group lessons.

I specialize in obedience training for your dog. I offer training the following areas: Sit, Sit-stay, Down, Down-star, Focusing, Boundary Training, and also problem solving such as a jumping dog. Please call me for an appointment. I will meet with you at a time convenient to your busy schedule: daytime, evenings, or on Saturdays. I can help! I offer dog training, behavior consulting for dogs and puppies, group classes, as well as private lessons. During her six-month externship, Diana trained many different dogs, including shelter dogs. Her approach to training is positive and gentle.

The methods used are without force or dominance. Diana gives owners the tools they need to communicate properly and live in harmony with their dogs. In addition to running her own dog based business, Diana is a current and active volunteer at the Humane Society Silicon Valley HSSV and continues to work with shelter dogs and assist group training classes.

After finding a dog abandoned on the streets who was riddled with so much trauma translating itself into aggression through fear, I became even more motivated to learn more about how a dog thinks and reacts in certain situations. I wanted to understand how the psychology behind the action works to better help and work with these wonderful creatures as well as help the relationship between human and dog for other people as well.

After taking the year long course through Animal Behavior College, I can successfully say I understand canine behavior more and how to help them fit into a human world in ways the dog will understand. I look forward to helping others resolve issues and develop a stronger bond with their canine companions. I look forward to growing in my career and helping dogs and their owners. Holding an M. Individual behavior problems are identified, and unique behavioral modification plans are developed.

Foster the bond you desire to have with your dog by learning to employ positive reinforcement techniques, and quickly begin to see results! All sessions are customized to fit the needs of both dog and human clientele and are designed to strengthen communication between the two. For more info, please call or e-mail. Since I was young, animals have been my passion! I currently have a doberman and a cat.

I'm also a foster mom to dogs. It's who I am, it's what I do! As your coach in training, I will work to develop the skills of your entire household from puppy to senior, from child to adult. I'll use positive reinforcement methods only! Please contact me for more information. With a variety of services to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Learn to foster an intelligent, loving relationship with your dog by developing a common language. Open a clear line of communication, and integrate your dog into your daily activities by providing the education necessary to reach his or her full potential.

Learn about the best ways to fulfill your dog's mental and physical needs through play sessions, and structured exercises that you and your dog will love. Our certified trainer can work with you and discuss why your dog is exhibiting certain undesirable behaviors and how to redirect the mental and physical energy to more positive outlets. I believe dogs are wonderful creatures that we can learn so much from. One of their qualities "Unconditional Love". I use gentle methods of training combined with nurturing love to aid people in a beneficial relationship with their dog.

My life has been dedicated to an unprecedented love and understanding of animals. I look foward to sharing this gift with you and your dog. Behavior modification, Group classes to privates.. My passion for Fur kids is one I'm honored to do on a daily basis.

My specialty is fearful dogs with any other behavioral baggage. Confidence building can be tricky but I love to see a dog enjoy life as it was ment to be. Making Fido smile gives my heart joy. I now offer private lessons and volunteer at the local animal shelter training the dogs for adoption. I have two dogs of my own, a yellow labrador and a German Shepherd.

Certified trainer, individual or group training available. Start learning how to teach your dog to be a valued member of the family. We teach you to train your dog in your own home using positive reinforcement. Coupons available on our website for first time customers. She has been training dogs since During that time she taught dog, puppy, Canine Good Citizen classes and in-home training.

Teri is committed to continuing her education through seminars and articles, to keep up-to-date with new methods in the industry. She enjoys teaching the public how to effectively communicate with their dogs and improve their quality of life. Our classes provide the behavioral tools you need to create desirable behavior in your dog.

We use positive reinforcement treats, toys and tummy rubs for a healthy and harmonious relationship between you and your K9 friend. We specialize aggressive behavior and rehabilitation. Each program is custom tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. ABC Certified in Behavior consultant and dog trainer. Evaluates dogs for Kings County Animal Control. Each dog is unique and should be treated and trained in that manner.

I adapt the training to fit the dog and owner. I try to get to know the family and the dog as well as possible to find the right training needed.

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I use a positive approach to training, which involves using the LEAST amount of correction required to address the behavior, and plenty of rewards! Just as people are different, no dog is the same. I assess each individual dog based on their breed, personality, and motivations to determine the best approach to training. I also work with the dog owners to customize a training plan specific to their specific needs. I believe dogs are our family members and should be treated with the same care. I offer private lessons in the comfort of your home at reasonable rates.

I can help you with solutions to the following behavior issues: Jumping Puppy nipping and mouthing Begging Stealing food Excessive barking Inappropriate chewing Stool eating House training Digging Fear-based aggression. I offer private lessons on basic dog commands. I also work on rescued dogs' behavioral and re-training issues,my training is done one on one, in a more consultative manner.

Find us on Facebook at www. Private classes, conducted in your home, as well as group classes, taught at LaunderPet in Seal Beach are available. All classes are taught by a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. Love, care and safety are our number one priority. As a Certified Dog Trainer, I use positive training techniques and gentle guidance to redirect unwanted behaviors and reward good manners. By building engagement between the dog and the owner, Mary lays a foundation that allows other learning to take place.

This thoughtful approach will do wonders in helping the dog focus on you and make learning the basic commands of sit, stay, leave-it, down,come and loose leash walking a joy for both the owner and the dog. The end result is that a positive learning relationship exists. This is the key link in establishing continued learning between you and your companion. The system Mary uses is primarily reward based training. There is an emphasis on marking the behaviors that you like while re-enforcing the positive relationship that you have with your companion.

Mary's training includes motivational techniques based on the primary drive of each dog using food, play, toys, and praise with the thoughtful appropriate application of aversion. To get started in building that best friend relationship contact Mary Hirt. We offer dog training classes or one on one training in our facility as well as private in-home training.

We offer pick-up and delivery, grooming, daycare, walks, and obedience training at hourly rates. I have had him almost 9 yrs now and more like he saved me. I live in the West LA area and offer basic obedience to puppies and grown dogs. Although I offer basic obedience and help with behavioral problems.

I also have experience and am available to petsit dogs, birds, cats. I prefer individual private training and am very flexible. She offers a fun way to train your dog, whether it be in one of her classes or private sessions, you and your dog will learn about each other and have fun doing it! Beginning and Advances Levels.

Reward based training. His love for animals and passion for rescuing and training led him to become a professional dog trainer. It was 15 years ago that he discovered this passion when he rescued two Smooth Fox Terriers that came with a myriad of behavioral issues he had to fix. Over years of training experience, seminars, and certification through Animal Behavior College, Anthony has honed his skills and developed user-friendly dog training principles, C. Consistency, Once, Rewards, Exercise.

These principles take the second guessing and confusion out of dog training and help people become the trustworthy, benevolent leader their dog needs. An avid animal advocate, Anthony donates his training expertise to rehabilitate dogs in Los Angeles for Karma Rescue and Bark and Bitches so they can find forever homes. I have 3 of my own dogs and my love for all dogs has been growing sense I was a young child. I am now offering dog training classes.

Let me help you to turn your dog into the pet that you have always wanted. I look forward to working with each and everyone of you and your pets. Thank You, Jaime Gaspar. I use positive reinforcement and motivational training to build and improve relationships between dogs and their people. I offer group lessons plus in-home personalized training in communities surrounding Los Gatos, CA.

Services include household manners, obedience, polite behaviors, behavior counseling, new puppy preparation and socialization. Dogs are tremendous gifts of nature and extremely responsive to these techniques. I look forward to working with you and your canine partner! I recently graduated from Animal Behavior College and I'm now certified as a dog trainer.

I have worked with dogs for the past 9 years in various environments. I'm very proud to be a part of the community serving shelter dogs and assessing their behavior before they become available for adoption. I would be privileged if you would consider contacting me for any training needs and or advice. Have a wonderful day! Positive Reinforcement approach to insure a happy home. Eliminating bad human behavior and implementing an easy reward and repetition approach is all it takes. With my positive reinforcement, dog-friendly techniques, you will see great results over time.

Problems such as chewing, jumping, barking, digging, mouthing I teach the basic commands you and your dog should know; sit, down, stay, come, no, etc. If you need any kind of help with your dog, please call or e-mail me! I completed the Petco Dog Trainer Certification as well and have been teaching group classes there since March Robert E. Sotelo Jr. I offer group and private lessons.

I will help you with all your dog's behavioral problems and obedience training using positive reinforcement. Serving all of Los Angeles county! Tengo classes en grupo o privado. Te ayudare con problemas de comportenamiento y con classes de obediencia usando refuersos positivos. Servicio en todos lados de Los Angeles. Llame hoy! I also offer free consultation to a couple of rescue groups. Yes, I do, and cats! I love working with dogs and believe that love and compassion goes a very long way.

I own three dogs that I have trained myself. They are what make my home very bright and happy. You and your best friend will bond and blossom together! Also, dog walking available locally. All instruction is based on positive reinforcement techniques. Clicker training available. When you can't be home for them, whether because of work, vacation or other obligations, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them. Because we love pets! Pet services include: Daily dog walking group - Everyday in the mid-morning we go out with a small group of dogs on a hike, trip to the dog park or maybe the beach!

Certified Dog Trainer and Groomer. Teri D. Always humane and gentle. Got an unruly puppy that needs instruction? Got an adolescent or adult dog that needs direction? Maybe your dog just needs some fresh ideas to you establish wanted behaviors. I love animals and have a special heart for dogs! I understand them and the common disconnect in the line of communication between them and their humans.

I've been training dogs for 30 years. I am certified in dog training instruction, animal CPR, and training shelter dogs. My formal education in canine obedience training and understanding behavior and its motives provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog while keeping alive the spark that makes your dog so special to you. I provide all obedience training, problem-solving, home transitions, socialization, aggression, fear aggression and more!

I use only positive reinforcement techniques that help build the self-confidence our dogs need. Call today for your free phone evaluation and l see how I can help you better communicate and train your dog. I help build you and your dogs communication. I a lso provide walking ,boarding and sitting. I really try to be there for you and your pet.

So no never need to worry about the other member of your family. Cara and Brittany teach humans and dogs using positive reinforcement, which makes training a great time for all. They are available for in home private lessons and teach weekly group classes in Newhall. They strive to help create a cohesive living environment while strengthening the bond with your dog.

Please visit my web site. Thank you. I am very experienced with many animals especially dogs. Please feel free to email me so I can send you my current resume. Focusing on basic obedience and problem behaviors. Small group classes sign-up via website www. I am a recent graduate of Animal Behavior College. I have a history working with shelter and rescue dogs, but I love all shapes and sizes and backgrounds. No breed is bad to me! With education, demonstration and patience in my toolbox my goal is to change the world one dog and one owner at a time!

Also, training shelter dogs and rescue dogs. Using positive reinforcement methods, I can teach you how to build a better relationship with your canine companion. From basic puppy and manners to more advanced training and behavioral issues, I can help you bring out the best in your dog. I specialize in behavior issues, general training, and behavior modification. I'm a member of the APDT. Experienced, reward-based training, insured. My special focuses are with Bully breeds, problem behaviors, fearful dogs, and basic training using positive reinforcement and clicker training.

I can also help you learn rally obedience, which is fun for both you and your dog! Training dogs has become my new passion! After being a volunteer at my local shelter for years, I decided one day to change my career and work with dogs instead! I went to college to be a Psych major, but prefer the mind of dogs! I teach Positive Reinforcement and believe dogs should do things because they want too, not because they have too! I started Arrow for dogs and puppies of all backgrounds, but I have a particular interest in special needs shelter dogs. During my years as a County Animal Control Officer and later a Registered Veterinary Technician for a Municipal Animal Shelter, I saw first hand what led former guardians to turn their dogs over to public agencies.

My goal is to ensure that each dog who attends class at Arrow becomes a cherished and permanent member of their family, and a source of pride for its guardians. To learn more about this approach to good dog behavior, please contact me for a free in-home consultation. As a trainer, my goal is that you and your dog learn how to become a more confident team through a relationship built on mutual trust and understanding. I believe in using science-based, positive reinforcement techniques, empowering you and your dog to navigate real-world situations without the need for physical force, fear or aversive training tools.

I focus on teaching the "why" behind the "how" of dog training concepts, enabling you to become a better advocate for a valued member of your family. I previously worked at Morongo Basin a humane Society as a dog trainer. On top of having the opportunity to work with a variety of breeds and ages, I gained experience with dogs that were reactive or had problem behaviors like jumping or nipping.

I love working with the dogs and love helping owners feel confident and comfortable with their canines! We offer deluxe boarding, supervised interactive daycare, positive reinforcement training and full service grooming. We focus on what's best for the dog's mental and physical well being. Please contact me for any dog needs. I use only positive training methods. I strive to help others develop stronger relationships with their pets through understanding and clear communication.

The courses cover basic commands such as; sit and sit stay, off, stand, come, leave it, down and down stay, heel and loose leash walking. It also covers behavioral issues such as jumping, chewing, biting, puppy nipping, house breaking, socialization, excessive barking, digging, begging and adopted dog issues. Each course is customized to your needs. I love dogs so much and very passionate about what I do.