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Public Cloud Security. All products Get your free email threat scan. About Us. Contact Us. All products. Contact Support. Privacy Policy. GDPR Statement. Legal Terms, Conditions and Warranties. Supply Chain Information. All-in-one email security, backup, and archiving service. Meanwhile I used my Mac to ask Are there computer scams? Great info!! I am from Trinidad in the Caribbean the number they called me at was and they were from Windows Service Centre. I admit I fell for it especially as they had the code before I looked it up. I went as far as allowing the install of Team-something software and I gave them remote access groan.

They said they had to disable immediately policy they had to follow and I would not be able to use the system or call back later. I said fine, I would just replace the hard drive and install fresh stuff even if it meant to buy new stuff from microsoft. This got me worried. I said I had to call someone on pretext to get assistance to make the payment they agreed after insisting that my system be left on and connected to them remotely and also they would call back in 15 mins.

I disable wifi connection. While still on phone they call back. I say fine, you do what you have to do. I hang up. Call back friend ask what to do. Says to copy out personal files unto CD because the system will have to be wiped and everything re-installed. I do so, then shut the system down. Friend does techy stuff to get in and now in process of wiping and reinstalling stuff.

Good day! I fell into the same scam two days ago. Maybe your IT friend can help to crack it before wiping entire hard drive. Can you help with an advice? That invariably gets you transferred to a supervisor, and then i play the whole lot again. My record is 54 minutes, eventually they get cross and start to become abusive, but i always keep them going and force them to be the ones to hang up. Dont get mad, get even, if we become a pest to them, they will eventually stop. Had a call a few weeks ago, second time, so knew it was a scam.

I told the bloke that I had to warn him that my phone has a special equipment attached and if at any time my phone device detects a fraud it gives off a high pitched noise which may be distressing to them. After a couple of seconds I stopped it and said to him, sorry about that but my phone device seems to be detecting something wrong, but would he like to carry on … so we did and again we got a bit further on and I let it off again … he hung up!!

They called me today from NY NY phone number. I went through with the Eventvwr and saw 55, errors in my logs. Then they asked me to connect to fastsupport. At that point I told them it was a work PC and that it was against my company policy to let them connect and I would contact my support desk. He insisted on connecting to my machine because my machine was responsible for stealing 50 thousand dollars and it needed to be fixed right away.

I stayed on and told him to connect me to the FBI. The phone went dead and disconnected. If I get another call back I will post again. I tried to download a Norton antivirus for a free 30 day trial in June as the Microsoft Essentials had gone out of business and not wanting to get a virus I went to the Norton site to take advantage of their offer there.

First I was connected to a dude in in a company called Plimus Sales. I was up 3 hours later computer was off. After talking with the woman we canceled my card and Master Card as well just to be safe and she said a new would be sent. I felt so foolish and vulnerable but I called the cops to report it..


I just use credit cards and pay them each moth over the phone. So did have to pay geek squad to fix the problem.. I am not computer savvy , too trusting but now wiser for this experience. Still happening in Ontario, Canada. After telling this one fellow that I knew he was a scammer he got quite vulgar. My mother got one of these calls today in Denmark, at least she was smart enough to give me the phone so i could talk to them. Even though i wasent aware of this issiue, it took me no longer than seconds for me to realise that it was a scam, the english-indian woman claimed to be from the microsoft department in Scottland, and started asking questions about who was the owner of the 2 computers she called about, i then asked her which computers it was since we have 3 or 4 working computers in the household, whereafter she asked to talk to my mother.

I refused since i know very well that there would be no reason for her to talk to my mother rather than me, if she was indeed an microsoft employee. She then told me that there had been downloaded malicious software on 2 of our computers. Hi, this happened to my friends this morning and they did get access to her computer.

And help appreciated. Still happening in the USA on Dec. The number he gave me was , apparently a cell phone in New York City. I had a call yesterday at pm. Caller said me he is calling from Telstra Major Australian Telecom company and same as like above scenario. I did not enter any details and we fight over the phone and he spoke Bangladeshi language. Be care fully for any call like this. I love to screw with those jerks. I hope someday they will be caught and stopped. It saddens me that there are people who are gullible and buy into this scam.

I received a telephone call english speaking guy with an indian accent telling me he was calling from London office of Microsoft. He told me that me computer would have serious problems within the next 2 hours. I therefore should start the computer to allow him to help me. I asked for some specification. He mentioned the same ID number as written about in the artikel. When I asked for some identification like email address and phone number to call back he hang up. Thanks for your very useful information about how they work.

Unfortunately they are still going on with the actual target Switzerland. They got me too. But I never went all the way with giving them my credit card. They had my computer locked up and I had to restore it to an older date. They called me back and I just hung up on them. My computer went to black…. Shutting it off was my savior… when it came back on it was in safe mode. I posted information on a web site I monitor…a yahoo groups. Telling everyone who is a member to be aware of this scam. We are mostly seniors, and we do not have a lot of knowledge about computers.

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Every thing we can get to help us is welcome…. Thanks for posting about this scam.. She told me my computer had an infection not a virus as I said I have virus protection and she said it was a different thing. Eventually after pretending to type in the instructions she asked me what was showing on the screen. Beware people!!! There is a variant of the scam going on in the U.

They call periodically. In addition to the money they scam, you have the huge waste of time. It would be great to see them spend a few years in a jail cell. Thank you for posting this information. He said he would give me the phone number, address, and name my computer was registered under but when pressed he would only give me the CLSID. I mentioned that they called me on my mobile and I would never register this pc with my mobile number as opposed to my home number. They called me this morning. I told him that since I was not the one who made the call that he was not getting any info from me.

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YES, it is the same number ending in 7D that is posted all over the Internet, lol. The phone number is an International number. I even asked him how he got my phone number because it is a brand new landline number that I just recently had installed and I have not given the number out to anyone because we only use the landline for emergency use in case cell phone signal is not good. With his foreign accent, I am not sure exactly what he said BUT….. SCAM sure came through loud and clear to me. I guess he may still be waiting for me to call him back, lol.

At this point they do one of the following, hang up, be rude and hang up, make excuses and possibly give you another number to contact them if they do this post it here and pass it on to the authorities , or give you their name and have no objections. Fellow victims and near-victims! Seattle, to be precise.

Harry informed me of this deluge of Windows Error Messages which had, during the past months, stranded on his distant shore. And it grows longer … az vee speak. It went as far as installing TeamViewer. Examined the Logbook of my machine, which clearly indicated something malicious had been going on since the summer of This was, by the way the first time I ever saw a directory command resulting in red lettering, very convincing. At the end of the dump it said something to the effect: August 8 , Software Security Terminated.

I was devastated, what to do next? Alex Watson, who pointed out that this was definitely cheap indeed. When I tried to clarify the difference, he was strangely aided by his Indian accent. Well, to me, with all its seemingly universal deity, it began to resemble some ancient cult, and perhaps the Indian accent helped a bit as well, but something in his persistence gave him away.

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I think it was his raised, impatient voice, and at this point he was in fact addressing the wrong guy. As a retired military man, and one thing I really hate is civilians ordering me about. As stated above, you may call me an idiot, but at this point a small red indicator, about the size of a Christmas light bulb, started to flash. I did instead consult Microsoft. And just a few hours later I felt a certain relief, and some embarrassment — they all knew about this fairground pickpocket. On the bright side, TeamViewer is uninstalled and all references in my registry has been erased, Malware Bytes was up and running with 3 finds quarantined, CCleaner has been employed and MSE is, as I write, still running a scan.

And yet I feel pretty stupid, however lucky as I may be. For surely nothing was stolen, because this machine has never been used for bank transactions and no permission ever let my little Indian adversaries misuse a credit card. But I do pity those less fortunate. The weak and truly ignorant who get plundered by this new-age, cyberspace Vikings. Unfortunately I fell into the trap and lost control over the system. Most of the elements to convince me and to take over control were similar as described including event viewer. Finally, when I objected to enter login data for my internet banking, they put a password request at system start up which made me unable to reuse the computer.

Following the scam I received an email from Western Union that the intend money transfer was cancelled I checekd my accounts in the bank and informed my bank about the fake. So far no hrm. The man sounded Indian or Pakistani. I could hear many other people in the background on phone calls indicating that this was a boiler room. He told me that my computer had a back door which was compromised and my computer was filling the internet with junk.

He gave me the number 00c04fd7d as a replacement number. I never understood him completely due to his accent and the background noise. I received an answer regarding to the importance of the situation, but became more suspicious at this point. My question for which Windows system I was running went unanswered. He told me the reason my computer is running slow was due to clutter in my computer. Actually, my computer has never been faster.

Once I wrote down the number, I figured I could look into this and I hung up. I Googled the number and saw all the scam articles. It is now March and still they try. I simply told them it was a company computer and the line went dead. Lucia in the West Indies and I just received a call like all the ones above. I did not see him instal anything. But everything you wrote was highly similar. He directed me to a website called fastsupport, then he used gotoassist and he reacted just as similarly as this indian woman you mention.

He suddenly screamed. Oh my God.. He disconnected, and he also closed the gotoassist app, but not before telling me I would need network security, and firewall.. I hung up and began to investigate.. I checked my firewall, i uninstalled two programs I did not recognize and deleted cookies, and temporary files, and ran 3 different scans on my computer. To be honest I am still a little frightened. But it seems like there is no spyware in my computer, and the man did not get to install anything because I did not have any credit card information with me… i do have a few questions could there be malware that my antivirus may not detect..

Hi, They called me this morning at am in Ontario, Canada, and I was caught. I recently added more security features for my Internet email, which meant a lot of confirmation emails stating that I had changed my security settings. So it seemed possible that Microsoft might be calling me because they noticed a lot of confirmation emails being generated. Second, if you are looking for music or movies on the Internet, a lot of those sites are filled with malware.

I was looking for a particular movie the other day and visited some sites like that. I live in a small town Kite in Georgia I had my new laptop freeze up with a pop up that said I had a Trojan virus and had to call this tech support and gave a 1— number so I called and he said and done same crap everyone is describin. What are these guys trying to get from us? Personal information for identity theft or what?

I figured when they wanted access to give a refund there must be something on there they dont want others to see something criminal. There are always multiple voices in the background like a call center. Started Sept. Greetings from germany. Apparently, they still try April 2nd This time, they said they wanted to tell me my ip-adress so I can be sure they are from microsoft.

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I also got scammed by these guys last week. Was told about Virus and that I could not use Windows 8. Being not PC savey I agreed and now know I was screwed over by reading all the emails on these jerks. What do I do now? What do these scammers want? P for other illegal stuff. What do you do with your computer after you let them remotely fake fix it? I read all the comments above, to be true, and honest with you all, I was hired for one such company, where they call up people telling them they are from Microsoft Team or Technical department and call is in regards to their computer maintenance.

They will show you all such kind of error reports which in reality is not an error and will tell you to sign up for a year, 3 year of 5 year or life time plan and ask you for some xyz dollars, informing you that they will install few applications that will protect your computer, speed up your computer etc.. I got totally convinced by Hr and Director of Company and joined them, I worked with them for 4 days, saw their work and found that this was complete cheating that was done by them, rather fooling innocent people.

I explained entire situation to my manager and Director, that they were trying to reach us, and so forth, only thing i was asked to hung up call and not to entertain any such thing.. He explained to me how does company gets number of customers their details, and all this done is fake and scam and nothing else, just to earn money. All i would request you, please do not fall for such scams, and subscribe to their packages, as said earlier, Microsoft will truly never call any of their customer back for support, until and unless, customer files a complain about Windows or any Microsoft Software.

Also please remember, a genuine MS Technical will have id beginning with either v-2 for Ms windows support, and v-9 for Ms office support, also they will have email id given to them by Microsoft. Also where People in other part of world are being fooled for money. I need to write this that not all of us are same, so please kindly refrain blaming my country, cause not all of us are like them. Please do note down name of this company carefully and pass it on to as many people as you can, not to entertain them.

I was on chrome looking for help with my homework. This little box popped up on my screen saying to call this number and to not turn off my computer or private information will be deleted.. So I took the number and called it.. I was on hold for a half hour then I was transfered to another number with a women who had an indian accent.

She told me to hold down the the widows and r button and a box will appear. Then she said to download citrix online launcher and it took me to a website that allowed her to connect to my computer. I gave no personal information. Have they hacked into all my stuff on my computer? They seem to have spread to South Africa as well… Got a call from them today, but it sounded like a Microsoft text to speech voice so I just hung up. I said the only fake was YOU. Looks like this scam is back again… They just called my mother down in Alabama, U.

Just a call from these morons. As a systems admin, I was curious to see what they were trying to do. Please be careful people. I sniffed a scam, but actually have been having ongoing issues with speed and connection for over a month, which he said I was having. He said it was because my internet connection had been hacked and was being used to boost the connection of a highly technical internet crime ring.

He was very pushy, and very angry when I called him on it. Another way of discouraging these people is to give them a very distasteful phone call. They are taking my time, and are violating my do not call instructions so I do not even owe them any common courtesy. I am usually able to let them know that I doubt their species, they are of dubious geneology should perform the anatomically impossible, and that they can go to the theological place of eternal punishment.

Nobody likes to be yelled at, and I have found that this type of action suppresses the phone calls I receive from these cretins. I just got a call today from a Richard Cooper — very heavy accent. He said he was from Microsoft Tech Support and my computer was in trouble! LOTS of people talking in the back ground. Told me he was going to shut down my computer! I did not give him any info.

I told him I was not near my computer and he asked me to call him back. I knew it was a scam, but I always look it up. Looks like it will not stop anytime soon. I did report it to the real Microsoft. Scam still going. Claimed they had received reports from the PC indicating it was infected. Directed me to fastsupport. I found this article when I checked up on fastsupport — thanks for the advice.

The Indian accented man became annoyed when I asked questions about him and his organization. He called from showing as Katy, TX. Number on my Cell from Maryland or his call back number he gave me is pm. I just told him I would call him later to take care of it. I knew it was a scam from the get go and then I looked it up and found this blog to confirm it. She hung up on them because she already knew about the scam, but we were able to get the number they supposedly called from: The Indian lady said she was phoning from windows and told me that my pc was flagging up errors every time I was using it, she then got me to read ctrl and r and showed me all these false errors etc then before I realised what u was doing I had given them remote access to my pc..

I shall never again deal with cold callers again, lesson learnt.. Got one of these calls today. I get bullshit spam calls all the time from random locations so I knew this was one. I answered the call in a Russian accent… hell, the call was from Russia, why not play along? This is the transcript:. We are calling to help you resolve the issue. Are you near your computer where we can help you with this problem? Me: No, this. This is not good. I cannot have virus. Indian Dude: Sir, we can help you. Are you near your computer? Me: Yees. I am at computer.

I am… web surfing. The Americans say web surfing. I look at how to make vodka at my kitchen. Which browser are you using? Are you using Internet Explorer? I am explore internet. Indian Dude: Sir I will tell you letters. Type the letters as I say them. Me: I type dable you when you say. Three or four? Me: Dable you Indian Dude: No sir, delete what you have typed. Me: I type dot. There should be a key that has a —. You say dee oh tee. T as in tango. I am Victor. Me: Yees, I like whiskey. I know dot come.

I do the internet. Is that what it says? Me: I have… very slow internet. I live in old part of Russia. Me: I see woman. She is not have the clothes. Me: I see a naked woman. Me: You ask me what I see on screen, I tell you what I see on screen. I see teets. Other Indian Dude: Sir this language… it is abuse. This call is being recorded and you are abusive sir. This is, this is not what you see. This language is not acceptable and this call is being recorded and will be given to the… to the FBI.

Me: Yees, I see thees woman. She has very beeg teets. You will get a call from the FBI in five minutes. My name is Victor Bolishnikov.

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Tell FBI to call my cell phone. Every time I listen to this thing, I laugh my ass off. I wish there was a way to upload the audio file to this site. I might put it on YouTube. I love prank calls and screwing with scammer jackasses. It was pretty obvious what they were trying to do. Pretty damn evil in my opinion. TeamViewer lets anyone remote into your computer, if you give them a Partner ID.

No telling what these shitheads are doing to people. I really enjoyed your post. I am currently trying to get my money back. I have been doing computer service calls for over 20 years. It surprises me how easily people can be fooled. I have had customers who have fallen for the same scam.

The scammers actually have the guts to create a windows security password different then a log in password which the scammers will change every so often to cause the computer owners to call into them for service. Entering the incorrect password will result in a message telling the user to call a specific number. I called this number using my own phone.

Once I used the computer owners home phone to call the number from the incorrect pop, the call went through and was answered. After giving them the account number they had assigned the computer owner they went so far as to say that my voice sounded different from how the computer owners voice sounded during the scam call two weeks prior. So, they must be keeping notes and such to know whom they have scammed, voice type, etc. During the call they asked me to run specific programs which would allow them to correct the problem with the password.

I did as they wished while noting which processes were created in the task manager. Once I had that information, I disconnected the computer from the internet and uninstalled all programs they asked me to start and programs associated with the newly created processes during their login.

After the uninstalls and double checking the MSConfig of suspicious startups, I restarted the computer and everything was back to normal with no more password issues or missing desktop icons. What clue does this message give to investigators? They are now using VOIP or some other means that only allows a known phone number scammed computer users phone to call into their support phone line. After around 15 minutes of my telling them they scammers, both threatened to block my computer so that no one could access it, even me.

The second one called me back 3 times when I put the phone down on him. Have had fun with these idiots over the last couple of days. Pretended to be offsite and told them my secretary was having problems with computer with a popup that froze screen with their number on it. They were using a web domain with. Guess making them change their number a number of times on it got them pissed. For those who do get them on the line, have some fun especially when an Indian guy tells you his name is Ron.

I just got hit all the way in Singapore. We basically started yelling at each other over the phone how dare he say I was asking illogical questions and he hung up and wished a Merry Christmas. Within the hour, I was at the police. Does anyone have any ideas how to trap this guys and what I can do to really annoy them? I really want to pay them back for ruining my Saturday afternoon. Just helped a customer in a music store this afternoon in a panic because his DJ laptop had been totally messed via this same scam.

Not sure why he came to the music store with the computer problem. The scammers used citrix launcher to access his computer and disable virtually all of the services in Windows 7 — so it made it appear as though his laptop was messed up.

Good thing I happened to stop at the store. Scam running using South African telephone numbers. They have a good technique. That Scam called me today in northern Germany. I let him go as far as i typed the assoc and pressed enter. Googling while that i found this website and took it as a reason to yell at that poor fool that he was not from microsoft and that he was a scamer.

The i bung up. Not funny at all! I live Norway and in the Norwegian press mainstream papers many articles have been published about these scammers. They deserve it. I live in Chicago.